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BMW K 1100 tips

The engine, like all BMWs, loves oil. There were no problems with driving. The first motorcycle was my father’s Minsk M-106. The BMW looked very rich, stylish . The acquaintance himself soon bought himself a Yamaha R-1. 03/17/2011 From an early age, he was always bound by love for motorcycles. The BMW was bought in good condition, recently painted with high quality, with beautiful checkered appliqués. Plus, I plugged it all up with a foam rubber sponge so that it wouldn’t shake. And so only warm memories remained about the motorcycle. True, my love does not extend to BMW cars like that. I got used to it and coped without ABS. I liked the driving position (you can sit almost straight, you can lie down at speed), almost all the readings are on the instruments, almost the panel is like in a car. There was enough power, although, of course, this is not a pure sport bike, it accelerated up to 230 km / h without problems. Once I saw my future BMW from a friend (who had only recently purchased it) and fell in love at first sight. Fortunately, there is a fairly large glove compartment under the seat, where a can of oil fit, a can for pumping / sealing a punctured wheel, a set of hexagons and a screwdriver. For 1000 km I took from 0.3 to 1.0 liters, which strained from all sides (I always had to carry
a liter jar of oil, well, and additionally spend money on synthetic oil). The disadvantages include the cost of spare parts and maintenance, the difficulty of replacing some consumables (well, BMW likes to complicate life). If one day I decide to take a bike again, then only a BMW! The ABS only did not work on the motorcycle, it was not possible to fix it, since there were problems with the ABS unit itself, and the new one cost about $ 2,000. Soon talked to sell it. He started riding when he was still quite a kid, not always having enough strength to hold the bike or put it on a leg. The motorcycle NEVER let me down He began to ride when he was still quite a kid, not always having enough. Sometimes, in order to get to something, you need to disassemble a third of the bike. For which I respect motorcycles of this brand.

BMW K 1100 tips

From an early age, he was always bound by love for motorcycles. In management, especially on dalnyakah, the ride was comfortable. Changing the oil and filter takes a lot of time and nerves. The owner agreed to sell it to me only because he himself was small and could not always hold this rather heavy motorcycle, even tilting it a little it was not always possible to hold it and therefore dropped it. There was no more need. Consumption was in the range of 6-10 liters / 100 km. depending on driving style. The first motorcycle was my father’s Minsk M-106.

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