New Meizu M2 Note – Chinese smartphone review – Bee Stylish

New Meizu M2 Note – Chinese smartphone review

New Meizu M2 Note – Chinese smartphone review

Meizu m2 Note is a device from the Chinese brand Meizu, which remains mostly outside the realm of the Western client. However, this does not mean that this company is little known. In fact, Meizu has a large group of devoted fans in China, and recently it has started to make a name for itself in the western market of Europe and Russia with the latest year’s flagship Meizu MX4. It has been successfully sold to this day.

Meizu M2 Note – Overview

Meizu M2 Note phone – Reviews

The company equipped its new version of Meizu M2 Note with a large 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, a MediaTek octa-core chip with 2 GB of RAM and the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Often, the characteristics on paper do not give the full picture. Is Meizu M2 Note really as good as it is positioned? We will try to answer this question.

Meizu M2 Note test

Meizu M2 Note package

  • 2A 5V charger;
  • MicroUSB cable;
  • user guide;
  • insertable SIM-panel.

M2 Note design

Battlefield Bad Company 2. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is benched in Microsoft Windows using the Steam version of the game. We benchmark the intro sequence of the single player game (boat sequence in WW2) as it is similar demanding as an average multiplayer game and easy to benchmark. We use Fraps and start a new single player game. We start recording the sequence as soon as the text disappears and the image is fully blended in (the beginning text is rendered with a too high framerate). The sequence is stopped as soon as the player can take control (at the beach) and the average framerate from fraps is taken. We dont use the “Overal Quality” Presets, but change it manually (set to “Advanced”). Level of Detail, Texture Quality, Shadow Quality and Effects Quality are all set to the same level. VSYNC is always off. Before starting to record the sequence recheck the settings, as sometimes the game alters them after starting the single player. Setting Class Resolution (Level of Detail, Texture-, Shadow-, Effects Quality), Anti Aliasing, Anisotrope Filter, HBAO low 1024×768 Low, 1x AA, 1x AF, HBAO off med 1366×768 Medium, 1x AA, 1x AF, HBAO off high 1366×768 High, 1x AA, 4x AF, HBAO on ultra 1920×1080 High, 4x AA, 8x AF, HBAO on. Screenshots of the four detail settings directly after the benchmark sequence.

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