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TWS headphones UGREEN HiTune WS100…

The frequency response is built digitally, with aptX codec – similar to the first one and speaks of an exceptionally even sound When choosing headphones, I present the following criteria: first of all, sound quality and a properly built tonal balance, followed by ergonomics (“usability”) and workmanship, and of course the price, it should not be beyond reasonable, it should to be "in the market". Without noise reduction and "brilliance", but with sound

Ugreen logistics works with a tracked track and often send all sorts of different “gifts” with the purchase. I decided to recheck myself the old way with RMAA, avoiding double conversion. When I look at a frankly successful device, it’s simply impossible to stop typing good things about it – I want to show this and that … but in the end, the scribbling takes on the appearance of cheap marketing and does not find a response. Pairing with sources occurs first of all with the last used deviceCommunication is held confidently, starting to fall off only through two walls to the brick floor at three meters, or when exceeding five and a half meters in line of sight. Bell-shaped tips, this form from the field of hearing prosthetics, fits almost any ear and, most importantly, that with such headphones do not fall out and are strongly vacuumed in the ear (I personally always put interlining under the ventilation nozzle). Today is exactly the case, but I will try not to blur completely in laudatory epithets, the headset is really good. Recently, having considered the undeniable for myself advantages of TWS, albeit in a rather compromised, first version of Redmi Airdots, I rushed to look for something that would really satisfy me in terms of all my Wishlist. The box is made of thick cardboard, on the reverse side there is a detailed specification for the earphone, holding the lid smoothly and slowly “goes down” its contents, the inscription in English flaunts on the insert – “more than just music” (my free translation) under it, like a black pearl in a carelessly opened shell – there is a case with headphones description “in all” languages ​​decent Russian, on one of the tabs there is a rather miniature case on the lid, soft tissue is glued at the point of contact with the headphones With relatively large headphones, they easily fit into such a compact case and take useful, almost all of it! (even with the largest ear pads) Inside the lodgment, the package includes a charging cable and ear pads for fitting headphones. Microphones, in my opinion, are quite normal for telephony, although you yourself, if you wish, can evaluate them. UGREEN promise something very interesting, which, apparently, can complete the search for my "TWS ideal", almost before their launchSpecs, ergonomics and appearance on the models are wonderful The quality of the headset microphones, I tried to capture in two short calls to the tipsy father and brother, who compare the quality of the microphone with previous TWS ($100 price) Now the measurements that I had to make using the recently reviewed aptX transmitter, I assume that the indicators due to the analog connection could slightly distort the overall level of the harmonics, plus the measurement was carried out almost at maximum volume, hardly anyone I was worried in vain, as a result, THD came out quite low and only on the second, “tasty” ear harmonica, which is much lower than some wired, so-called “audiophile” ears. Walking down the street with a smartphone in my hands or carrying it in my purse over my shoulder, I never noticed any disconnections, there is no out of sync or out of the blue in the channels, only short-term and rarely artifacts, when exceeding 5.5 m or complex obstacles in the path of the BT signal. As far as I know, HiTune WS100 is the top TWS in the UGREEN line and there have already been reviews on them, but since they were of interest to me as part of the search, then I decided to consider them. They sat perfectly, although the earpiece is not very small (oval 20 – 18mm, and ~ 20mm in height), but this is easily compensated by the anatomical shape and now I understand that it means well-thought-out ergonomics – the notch on the earpiece coincided very exactly with the protrusion of my ear, as if by a cast, and only if you have, well, very tiny and neat ears, they can press.

TWS headphones UGREEN HiTune WS100. They act like a harpoon in the ear, but can bring some discomfort with the edge, if the material is hard (these are soft) charging cable, without the possibility of data transfer, 50cm Headphone contact groups, prudently insulated with shipping stickers, the upper part of the earphone is touch sensitive, rough on the sound guide is small, vinyl mesh, and a powerful neodymium magnet is hidden between the contacts, which really holds the headphones well; a driver with a diameter of 5.7 mm is visible,
which is very close to the edge and promises a minimum of obstacles in the path of sound

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