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Puma Performance R Medium Quarter Running Socks

Personally, it makes no difference to me, even if all the gel disappears. During normal walking in these sneakers, sabzhe socks do not show their properties. I was recently in Sportmaster, where for this money you can buy a simple Columbia without any
lotions. Did I notice any difference in these socks compared to the inexpensive sports socks with Coolmax? No. The same dried for 5 hours, probably, the gel retains moisture.
In the end, I can say that the socks are not bad, they are definitely worth their two pounds. Due to the delivery, it is unprofitable to take one pair, but it makes sense to add it along with the order.
During wearing I noticed that the elastic on the socks is not too tight, does not squeeze. In this case, additional softening is felt on the sole. The same.
Sneakers are light, soft, breathable. Tried with the stiffer Li-Ning Superwave Monkey Year walking shoes. Despite the delicate wash, there is a feeling that the socks have changed. I go for a walk. I just need good quality sports socks. Since there are no recommendations for care, I did it with barely warm water and laundry soap. This store also has other sports socks at modest prices. And I got them. Synthetic socks on such a hot summer day (in the shade) usually dry quickly.

Puma Performance R Medium Quarter Running Socks

At least the socks showed themselves somehow with Bona mesh sneakers with a thin sole. Today I washed my socks with my own hands. Gel inserts are now less clearly palpable. That’s all.

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